Community Initiative

GEM OUTREACH is committed to helping to improve the lives of the families and communities the Lord leads us to serve. 

Our greatest prayer and hope will continue to be that we are positively impacting the lives of people domestically and internationally in every way that we can.

As needs become identified, we will access the request and do everything that is within our capacity to deliver the best outcome as we continue to build relationships that lead to long term communion. 

We strive to create conditions to be true servant leaders and as we execute our mission through our processes and systems designed to help all those in need, we will continue to evaluate our method and mechanisms of making sure we are always good stewards of stakeholder contributions and resources donated. 

We want to see our communities grow spiritually, physically, socially, economically, and mentally no matter where it is located. 

As the hands and feet of Christ, we will go door to door as we attempt to reach one, teach one, and send one. Through these efforts of connecting people to much needed assistance, we know that they will see and know the HAND OF GOD is always in the midst of our mission work and the GOSPEL OF CHRIST is not only in word, but also deed.